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Welcome to Ryding2Health.

Ryding2Health is your one stop shop for your entire wellbeing. 

Melanie's Background

Director and head coach Melanie is a road and track cyclist, rower and a member of Cycling Southland, Invercargill Rowing Club and Foveaux masters swim club. Until 2005, she was very unfit,very overweight, and didn't do much exercise.

Melanie did her first triathlon in 2007, then managed to secure a spot on the GB team just 6 months later, for the 2009 World Triathlon Championships in Australia. She represented Great Britain for five consecutive years until injury forced her to retire in 2013.

Melanie has a passionate 'can do' attitude to life, has featured on National press and TV in Great Britain and loves to help others to achieve their goals and dreams too. 

What we offer

Melanie offers 1:1 personal training / multisport / run / swim / cycle coaching, weight management coaching and personal training. Bring a friend, or three, make it cheaper. Whether you are just setting out, or want to refine your training to reach greater goals, Melanie has something for you. 

As well as fitness, Melanie also covers nutrition, diet, and weight management, as well as positive mind set coaching. She really is the one stop shop for everything health, fitness and wellness.

She also offers youth sports coaching in 1:1 or small group format. 

Melanie is an accredited multisport coach, sports nutritionist, weight management expert, ABNLP certified NLP Practitioner, create Your Future coach(TM), time line therapy practitioner(TM) and hypnosis practitioner. 

'I can help you create the even better you, through a variety of different means that will suit your exact needs. Weight management, mind set, focus, goal setting, or training plans, have a browse and see how I can help YOU today!'

Fees and package options

Feel free to browse our pages to find out more about how we can tailor a package to suit you. we offer a FREE NO OBLIGATION INITIAL CONSULTATION. 

Here are our basic package prices:

   Bronze  Silver  Gold  Platimum 
Tailored training programmes   x x x  x
Initial nutritional assessment   x  x  x x
Meal suggestions    x  x  x
Free 1:1 coaching session 1hr/month      x  x
Unlimited access to a coach via phone / email      x  x
Updated nutritional assessments as and when needed       x  x
Training Peaks Basic account x x x  
Training Peaks Premium account        x
Mental strength coaching session 1 hour / month        x
Unlimited nutritional updates /feedback        x
Optional add on 1:1 coaching / nutrition / mind set coaching 1hr (NZ$50 / UK£25) x x x x
 Price PCM (NZ$) NZ$100 NZ$150 NZ$200 NZ$250
 Price PCM (£) £50 £75 £100 £150

Contact us today for a FREE initial consultation to find out more.

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